Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is Rob Portman going to be Mitt Romney's vice president choice?

I would prefer Paul Ryan...but maybe.
This may be the deciding factor:  Ohio is probably (for all practical purposes) a must win for Republicans.  Wisconsin is not.   While I think this projection is overly optimistic for Barack Obama and too harsh on Mitt Romney, it has Obama winning on electoral votes (and Romney losing Ohio and Virginia).  Of course, I doubt a Portman pick guarantees an Ohio win any more than a Ryan pick would guarantee a Wisconsin win.

What Paul Ryan has going for him is it would be a clear signal to conservatives that Romney is serious about spending reform.  And that would encourage conservatives and Tea Party voters around the country.  Paul Ryan can also defend his position when the predictable attacks come from the left.

Rob Portman has been an establishment Republican when it comes to fiscal restraint.  And that establishment GOP nonsense is not going to cut it with conservatives.

Imagine that! Donald Trump thinks he is most qualified to be Romney's Veep.

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