Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Iranian Top General calls for "the full annihilation of Israel"

Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi, Armed Force Chief of Iran, calls for the full annihilation of Israel...
But apparently Maj. Gen. Hassan Fizouzabadi's hated of the Jews is based on his being portrayed poorly in the Borat movie.  That and he thought Borat really wanted to throw Jew down the well.  

Related:  North Carolina Pastor calls for gays to be put behind electrified fences till they "die out."   At least he does not have an army and potentially nuclear weapons.


  1. The "related" story is relevant. The Iranian general has more clout than the wacko NC preacher. Even less significant are the gay wack-a-doodles who hung Palin in effigy. But they're all the same: h8ers.

    1. The general's statements are soon to be backed up with nuclear weapons. That is scary.


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