Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

Okay Communist wannabees, where are your protests?  Is this it?  And this?  
The Agitator criticizes the NYPD, but notes the Occupy crowd co-opted "the official holiday of a political ideology responsible for 100 million murders . . . "

Comrade Obama speaks to the proletariat...

Talking about political songs...
Barack Obama adopts Hitler Youth tune for reelection campaign...
Oh oh, I implied there might be similarities between Socialism and National Socialism...
Charles Johnson will be so mad!
h/t to Drudge on Obama image

What's black and white and red all over...
The Agitator takes the contrarian approach...
Left Coast May Day Vandalism...


  1. Yeah, they got me. Not to worry, I've got a new location coming.

    BTW - years ago, I toured with Billy Bragg. Hell of a nice guy - talented, too. Of course a little confused, but still a hell of a nice guy.

    1. I just did a post wondering what happened.

    2. I saw Billy Bragg play once and I like his songs (mostly). I even like the Internationale as a song (not as propaganda of a failed political philosophy).

    3. I miss your site. Hurry back.

    4. I miss your site. Hurry back.


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