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Monday, May 14, 2012

Democrat Elizabeth Warren is delusional (and a liar): The issue is her lying about being Cherokee, not being proud of being Cherokee

Elizabeth Warren found her Indian blood not in her veins but on her hands...
This is the sort of lying by Elizabeth Warren that just makes you cringe.  No one is saying you should not be proud of your back ground.  If she was really Native American, good for her (and so what).  The problem is Elizabeth Warren lied about being Cherokee to get ahead in academia.  It is the affirmative action issue, based on what is at best a very tenuous and remote claim on American Indian racial affiliation (and which appears to be non-existent).  And it does call into question her competency to be a Senator.  

And what is especially galling in this farce is her "background" is being related to one of the Tennessee Militia that helped round up the Cherokee and force them on the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma.

Professor Mockumental notes:  Is this Elizabeth Warren's new strategy? 

Bob Belevedere has a post linking to Victor Davis Hanson on this subject.  Definitely worth reading. Bob and VDH are both spot on.  Bob is somewhat critical of VDH for giving the left the benefit of doubt (and that criticism is justified) but at least VDH gets to the right place in the end.

First Harvard woman of color?  Well technically pinkish is a color, but she was hardly the first woman.

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