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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Down Under Style, The Possum Drinking Game: Let's face it, it is just an excuse to get drunk...

New Zealand Bush Tailed Possums like to party!  
Even Mexicans could care less about Cinco de Mayo, other than you can get various Mexican import beers on sale and there are specials on avocados at the super market.  But watch out pseudo Latino celebration, this New Zealand import could have more legs than Flight of the Concords:

Bored New Zealand youths like to climb trees in the botanical garden and drink beer until they fall off their limbs, one by one.   Last one in the tree is the winner.  Sounds like fun.  And what possibly could go wrong?

And it is branching out all over the place!

Even still, it does sound safer than this...

McGehee over at PW notes the Quebec holiday of Treizième de Septembre

There is an American (as in USA) drinking holiday today, more suited to adults...

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  1. They're Australian Bush-Tailed Possums. They were inadvertently introduced to New Zealand and are considered a pest there - most especially because they're Australian.

    I must admit they are quite pesky. Those giant claws sound like hob-nailed boots when one is walking on your roof.


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