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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Black Boxes in your automobile? The Senate passed a bill authorizing that! Update: There is a Keystone Pipeline component to this that Republican may roll over on too...

Republicans, what is wrong with you for voting for this?  Bi-Partisan efforts like this are bad.  Call your House representative now before it is too late and say you are against MAP 21 "event data recorders."

As I noted last month:  This is a very bad idea!


Congress at work!  
I missed this part of the proposed legislation.  Republicans are trying to tie Keystone Pipeline approval to this overall highway legislation (although Redstate notes they may be weak kneed).  Tying Keystone approval in is a good idea (in principle) but not if they are intending to give MAP-21 black box nonsense to the Democrats in exchange.  Especially if the balance of this legislation is mostly...ahem...pork (it is a highway bill) to bring home to the respective states.  Redstate notes that there are a lot of problems with this highway bill.  Tying in Keystone approval and eliminating MAP-21 are both critical.  Otherwise this bill should die.

Talking about bad acts in the Senate:  This turd just floated up again.  

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