Thursday, April 5, 2012

Polar Bear numbers increasing in Canada : Despite alarmists like Al Gore saying they are doomed...

Didn't they get Al Gore's memo?
Healthy polar bear count confounds doomsayers...
There is a simple answer:  Love will find a way.
Al Gore's claim of drowning polar bears:  Probably made up nonsense.  The researcher Al Gore relied upon was suspended.  The only real meltdowns are Al Gore's temper tantrums in response to questions on his data.
Here is more from Wizbang:  Yes it is true, polar bears hate Al Gore.
Time Warner does not care for Al Gore:  Looks like Al Gore's little Current cable ice flow is about to melt underneath him.  More from Breitbart on the fall of the House of Gore.

Update:  How dare you, Sir!  Keith Olberman files a lawsuit against Al Gore (does not involve polar bears, but I am sure things are rather chilly between Messrs Olbermann and Gore!
Keith sues Al for $50 million dollars!
Instapundit and Althouse:  Olbermann alleges it was an embarrassment to work for Gore (oh my, it is getting very nippy now!)  If they could only get this feud as a show, they would definitely have ratings!

h/t:  All American Blogger

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