Sunday, April 22, 2012

Karl Rove: Voters need reasons to like Mitt Romney...

The Architect
It is articles like this that make me think Crack Emcee and Jeff Goldstein are absolutely right about telling the GOP to do something to itself...   And this is not criticism of their position,  CE and JG are generally right (it is a rational decision to declare a pox on both houses...).  The problem is not reasons to like Mitt Romney, but all the reasons why conservatives do not like him.  I have no idea how Mitt Romney will be as President (other than I believe he will be better than Barack Obama--but that is not saying a lot).  But a conservative champion I am almost certain he will not be.  And the GOP is a leprous entity that has betrayed conservatives and conservative ideals at every turn.  Talking about Karl Rove, here is just one example...

But here are two reasons to vote for Mitt Romney this fall:

1) Even if we get control of the Senate this cycle and keep the House, neither will have a veto proof majority.  So we need a President who can sign bills generated by Congress (to reverse some of the damage done by the Democrats and Barack Obama).  That was Grover Norquist's position at CPAC (any of the GOP candidates if elected will at least do that).

2) Judicial appointments.

But any long term success depends on voting conservative down ticket, from local elections, to state, to Congress.


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  1. I have a premonition that Romney will pick Jeb Bush as a running mate and that people will get over it and that they will win.

    But why now? Shouldn't Bush wait until 2016? That's part of the premonition/epiphany I swore not to reveal.


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