Thursday, April 26, 2012

James Carville speaks of hypocrisy and beclowns himself and President Barack Obama. Please do not speak of Wall Street excesses when Democrat Jon Corzine is not even charged with a crime.

James Carville speaks!  
In Romney's speech bashing President Obama last night, he said, "It's still about the economy, and we're not stupid."
Yeah, it still is about the economy, stupid. It's about how hucksters like Mitt crashed it, the middle class paid the price, and the top 1% got more tax cuts.
Let's call out these Republicans on their downright hypocrisy...
Democrat Jon Corzine,
Liar and Thief...and still an Obama campaign bundler!
Guess what Carville, that Occupy Wall Street argument is not going to work. Talking about hypocrisy, which political party does Jon Corzine belong to? Democrat Corzine lost $1.7 billion dollars of client funds and was found to have authorized transfers of hundreds of millions of dollars of funds that should have remained segregated to cover MF Global obligations. When even lefties at FireDogLake are saying Corzine has to go to jail (note how they leave off that he is a Democrat), why are Eric Holder and Barack Obama not pursuing this investigation of Corzine?


  1. Corzine isn't in jail because he is still bundling funds for Obama. As long as the Regime gets it's cut he can steal all he wants.

    1. Corzine is a good earner (as they say in New Jersey)


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