Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The claim that the GOP is losing the War on Woman? Not actually true...

Since we are talking about an alleged war on woman over contraception, 
we might as well have a tribute image to the late great Andrea Dworkin...
Here is the data from David Paul Kuhn at Real Clear Politics...  There is a gap favoring Obama, but the gap is roughly the same before the contraception brew ha ha than after it.  So all that effort of setting this issue up and the revelation of the creepy relationship between the media and Obama...no real results.  So while not totally good news, the GOP is NOT losing women.   Obama has the advantage of being a sitting president with more name recognition--but the election is hardly over.
And seriously, if the Dems win on this then the country is already lost...
The Democrats also take Jews for granted.  (as well as Blacks, Environmentalists, etc.)

Are the Dems trying to pivot back to Sandra Fluke, now that Trayvon Martin's martyrdom is not working out for them?
Democrat Alec Baldwin:  Calls a woman a "Nutty Bitch."  Who does Baldwin think he is taking to?  His daughter?
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