Saturday, March 3, 2012

Washington State GOP Caucus

No one really knows...(Update III:  Except now we do and Romney won)   But here is some polling.  There was reports of much higher than expected turn out at some caucus locations.   Why this caucus is a toss up.  
Here is the Sound Politics link which has general conservative news from the Seattle/Westside areas of the state.  This caucus will get a lot of attention once the results come in since it potentially augers for Super Tuesday.  
Real time results from Huffington Post.  
Here is some results from the NY Times:  Romney initially leading but the real populations centers are Seattle and Tacoma.  Still, it looks good for Romney.  Paul also doing well.  
Fox News results.  
Update:  As of 8:14 p.m . Central Time (6:14 p.m. Pacific) results are Romney at 36% (and it is called for him), with Paul and Santorum essentially tied at 24% for both of them.  Gingrich trails in fourth at 11.3%. Washington State delegates are not formally committed till the convention.  
Update II:  Unrelated to the caucuses today, but Ace of Spades HQ had this rather interesting budget outmaneuvering by the GOP Minority in the Washington State Legislature.  Well done!
Update IV:  Instapundit on readers' emails from Washington State:  Be Breitbart!
Update V:  The Other McCain on Rush and the GOP Washington Caucuses...


  1. The Dems perfected their techniques at stealing elections in Washington. Dino Rossi always consented to the theft. Would love to see Washingtonian conservatives get really riled up.

    1. That would be a good thing. But for what ever reason it does not seem to happen.

  2. Dino Rossi is a hack. He needs to give up on the Western side of the state...Maybe he could manage to be elected in Spokane or somewhere closer to that part of the country. Also, if memory serves and it does, all the recount proved is that the Republicans tried to steal the election.

    1. No, the tactic of discovering ballots in Dem Operative's vehicles, channeling intent and such were perfected in Washington State. The man who ramrodded those efforts in 2 elections is currently in DC, advising the DNC.

    2. Keep lying to yourself DaveO. The ballot boxes that year were brought to us by a company that was invested in by no other that the Bush family. The Republicans have been stealing elections for decades. Sorry buddy, I think there is a whole lot more proof to support my argument. Or did you all just conveniently forget about that scandal in the 70's? Also, did you forget about W. stealing the national election that same year? The national election would have had similar ramifications. The so called "tally" machines were racking up extra votes for the republicans nation wide. Thank goodness the count was close enough in WA state and our REPUBLICAN Secretary of State Sam Reed, did the right thing and scheduled a hand ballot recount. Sorry guy, I know you want to pretend that election was stolen but it went to where it rightfully should have. I can't even imagine the disaster this state would be in if Rossi would have won that election. We'd have a lot more elderly, children and mentally ill on the street than we do now, that's for sure!


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