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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Victory! Small Idaho land owners "win" against out of control EPA and Army Corps of Engineer kleptocrats

Well it is a start.  As Legal Insurrection notes they "won" the obvious right to petition their grievance to the federal courts.  That they had to go to the Supreme Court to determine this shows how ass backward our system is right now.  True justice would involve putting these EPA and Army Corps of Engineering officials in stocks and letting the good citizens of Idaho get to pelt them with potatoes for a bit.  But hopefully they get this settled and resolved and come out of it half way whole.  It was an unanimous decision.  More from Volokh Conspiracy.  And more from Volokh Conspiracy here too.

Instapundit:  “The position taken in this case by the Federal Government—a position that the Court now squarely rejects—would have put the property rights of ordinary Americans entirely at the mercy of Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) employees.” 

This is not far from the truth on how the EPA operates:

No comment from EPA Obama appointee and administrator
Lisa Jackson, Destroyer of Worlds

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