Thursday, March 29, 2012

Roseann Barr tweets home address for George Zimmerman's parents...

Nasty and Vicious
Reckless Endangerment?  
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Manipulating images:  A picture says a thousand words
Trayvon Martin Rashomon 
Whatever actually happened in the Martin case — and we still don’t know the whole truth of it — it’s a bad thing for an unarmed kid to get shot.But the liberals insisted on portraying this incident with a certain slant: Saint Trayvon, innocent martyr to racism, with George Zimmerman portrayed as being incited to violence by right-wing talk radio.
Neither basic element of that narrative was accurate...


  1. Who invented social scolding by celebrities anyways? That might actually be an interesting historical question.

    1. And they call me a fat cow. She should not be scolding anyone.

  2. I'll answer my own question. Movies and TV have long employed moral suasion, a natural outgrowth of novels and such. But actors mostly just portrayed such roles, scripted for them, by others. I guess Marlon Brando's refusal to accept an Oscar out of sympathy with Russell Means' AIM is the earliest example I can remember of off-scene scolding by celebrities. Woody Allen was snubbing the same establishment at the same time (good for him). Then came all the Viet Nam Fonda antics, and the environmental stuff and, Sean Penn, and well finally...Rosanne Barr.


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