Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RIP Earl Scruggs : Foggy Mountain Breakdown


  1. Of that is sad. I knew it was going to happen soon.

    I started playing banjo a few years ago and one the first things I learned was the impact Scruggs had on playing styles. "Scruggs rolls" are repeated sequences of picking using three fingers with the right hand (if you're right handed). It's really that element that gives the banjo it's pickity sound.

    Foggy Mountain Breakdown had a mini revival in the chae scene from "Bonnie And Clyde." link.

    R.I.P. Earl

  2. Another banjo great to keep an out on (not like a death watch) is Pete Seeger. He's really getting up there in years. Bela Fleck is a youngster by comparison.

    I consider the banjo the quintessential American stringed instrument. Though its origins are African, it was perfected here.

    The mere sound of the banjo drives the right people crazy too. I once read that David Crosby forbid the instrument from anything he ever recorded.

  3. I hadn't heard. Sad news indeed. Monster talent in that video.


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