Monday, March 12, 2012

Friends of friends of Obama: Louis Farrakhan

When you lie down with dogs sometimes you get fleas...
A kinder gentler Farrakhan?  Jews are responsible for the slave trade?
"(He said) that Jews control the government and that you need to be their friends in order to be successful, that Jews control the media. To me, that was just so hateful and horrible," said Noah Ickowitz, a UC Berkeley ASUC Senator. 
"This is not hate, this is actual facts," Farrakhan said. 
Here is Farrakhan mocking Asians...

Barack Obama of course in the 2008 campaign distanced himself from both Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan in order to get elected.  But Obama supporters such as Charles Johnson are embracing Farrakhan even now.  Johnson called Farrakhan a positive force.  Jeremiah Wright, when the Obamas still attended his church, certainly embraced both Derrick Bell and Louis Farrakhan.  Does Barrack Obama agree with that nuance still?

Is Barack Obama just a typical politician, who has disgusted the progressive base that helped promote his political career in its early days?  Or is this a more accurate portrayal of what motivates Barack Obama politically?  And as Christopher Hitchens asked back in 2008, what is Michelle Obama's connection to all of this?  
And when you lie down with don't get up again!
Don Surber says pointing out Obama's radical ties won't work...but apparently gasoline prices do.
Can you judge Obama by his Jew hating friends?
Barack Obama's poor relations with women...


  1. You're a mooving target. That's why the Alinskyites will never be able to pin you down.

    BTW, I put up a new Titanic post today.

    1. Yeah, but they would try to take me out like those Walking Dead zombies going after Hershel's cows. I will check out the new Titanic post.

  2. How any thinking person can be surprised at what Obama has turned out to be is beyond my comprehension. He ran as a commie, he talked liked a commie, and he hung out with anti-American commies. He is a racist as his flunkies try to paint his detractors to be. Simply astounding that anyone was fooled by this clown.

    1. I do not disagree. He is absolutely a socialist (giving him every benefit of doubt) and we have the anemic socialist growth model to show for it.

  3. Scream as loud as you want, but the only people paying attention are the ones who already know how bad he and his associates are. Sad to say, I looked into his church back long before he was considered a serious candidate for president, back when it was offered as proof he was not a closet muslim. I wish I had taken a screen cap, because it was changed less then a month later.
    We all need to stick to the Surber Rule and focus on economics for err I mean by dummies.

    1. I agree "it is the economy, stupid" applies. But the radicalism can be tied to the economic policies. The "birther" arguments aside (because I agree those arguments tend to be counter productive), It would be a mistake not to raise all reasons why Barack Obama should not be re-elected.

    2. Stick with his record. Focusing on this silliness just makes you sound a little nuts. I'm especially curious to know what you think it means that an Obama supporter said good things about Farrakhan. Especially a C level blogger like Charles Johnson. Do you think the Obama campaign consults with Johnson on policy issues or something?

    3. Paul Mar: Charles Johnson is a low level stooge and his opinion is just worth mocking for its own benefit. He brings nothing to election.

      I agree we stick to Obama's record. But I am not against tying it into Obama's past radical roots. The primary argument is the economy and how Obama's policies are anti growth, anti oil production (driving up costs), and counter productive to a meaningful recovery.


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