Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ed Schultz blames Jeb Bush for the Trayvon Martin shooting? MSNBC pundits on Martin Bashir's show wants to have Zimmerman locked up...this is how Lefties treat Hispanics in America?

Okay, while we are at it, why not have Martin Bashir sent back to Pakistan?   
I doubt there is a country that would take Ed Schultz back, however.  
Barack Obama: If I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin.  Of course many people have sons who look like George Zimmerman...     
There is only one side with lefty celebrities...

There is certainly some evidence that this was self defense.  If Trayvon Martin had been white, would there be any outrage over this? Isn't Mr. Zimmerman presumed innocent until proven guilty?   What about George Zimmerman's parents? I do not know the full facts of this case.  I am sorry Trayvon Martin is dead.  I do support Trayvon Martin's parents in this: I also definitely want this case fully investigated and justice to be done based on what actually happened not what people project might have happened.  And I think it is very safe to say MSNBC and Barack Obama do not know the full facts yet.  But for the Left and Obama's politicizing of this, I hope Latino Americans are paying attention.  

As Legal Insurrection noted
Update:  Per a local television story late yesterday, Zimmerman told police that Martin attacked him as Zimmerman attempted to return to his car, and a witness who saw Martin on top of Zimmerman punching him as well as physical evidence led police not to make an arrest.  Of course, we don’t know if this is true, so hold off judgment, it just goes to explain why the case may not be open and shut from a prosecution perspective. 
I also do not recall the President or MSNBC getting too fired up over this incident...
What happens if Zimmerman is found not guilty?  Whenever there is a Muslim inspired attack, the first thing government officials do is ensure no unfair backlash.  Do you see Democrats and the Left doing that in this case?  They are fanning the flames.  George Martin has not even been charged yet, and Andy Ostray at the Huffington Post is comparing this to the 1964 civil rights murders in Mississippi?  Are they insane? Yes they are.
Protein Wisdom: Chickens coming home to roost...
As usual, the Anchoress is making a lot of sense with this post...
Much is being assumed of this case, when not everything is yet known, and some are flinging about rumors, and half-truths very easily. Justice for Trayvon Martin must be rooted in truth, or it can never be just. The reading I’ve done around the web these last few hours makes me worry if truth is going to be one of those stretchable things, if the case is permitted to be politicized.
Pagan Temple's advice: Cross the road!  I did not know Spike Lee tweeted Zimmerman's address.
Some advice on self defense.    Yes, less than deadly force is always preferred (if possible).  Sprays are better than nothing.  But if you have spray and a weapon, I would not be using the spray unless had someone backing me up with a weapon too. I would hold up the weapon and warn the attacker away (being prepared to shoot if necessary).  But the truth is I do not know what happened in this Martin-Zimmerman matter.  I doubt Zimmerman just shot some kid unprovoked.  Something triggered this.  The only one who knows is probably Zimmerman and even his perspective is partial (and probably clouded by adrenaline and the rapid circumstances of that night).
Smitty notes the bounty by the New Black Panther Party.
Rick Santorum says George Zimmerman is malicious? How does he know?


  1. The rule of the mob.

  2. Just like during the "journees" of the French Revolution.


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