Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tom Brady - Is his head in the right place? I hope not.

Neil Minkoff has a pretty good take on Tom Brady.  Since I would prefer the Giants win, I hope Minkoff is right and Tom does not snap out of it.   I mean really, I don't begrudge him this and this, but I will not feel bad for him if the Giants win.  I do not feel bad for him at all.
Gisele:  You let him go out of the house looking like Bieber?
A darker explanation of why Brady and the Patriots are not doing so great now (from comments)

Here's a much simpler explanation, albeit one that Bostonians aren't likely to offer:
Brady is now playing at his actual level of talent. Early in his career, he performed at a higher level because he had the advantage of knowing, at least some of the time, what plays defenses were running against him. In violation of NFL rules, the Patriots had a practice of videotaping the defensive play signals of their opponents, which then allowed them to interpret the signals and predict what defenses would do.
I bet a lot of NFL quarterbacks would post higher QB ratings and look incredibly "clutch" if they knew, prior to the snap, whether the defense was blitzing and what kind of coverage scheme would be used.
Tom Brady is a very good quarterback. But the drop-off in his performance over the last few years, compared to his "amazing" performances prior to the Spygate revelation, is predictable, not surprising. Cheating provides a competitive advantage -- who would have guessed?
Cheating-padded stats should also disqualify a player from the discussion of "greatest of all time." Imagine the numbers Montana would have posted if given advance knowledge of defensive play calls. . .
Here is the alternative argument why Brady will rule "Yet again."  Although I do recall a certain almost perfect season that was spoiled...
Tom holds a grudge...


  1. don't quit your day job. You can't write.

    The spygate excuses happened long ago and now you just sound like a biased fan who cant let go.

    1. Thanks. I did not write it though, it was a comment to the article I linked. If Tom Brady does have an issue, it is probably over thinking and not Spygate. But it is an alternative theory so I put that there too.

      I am no Pats fan (so you are right, I am biased), but Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. But he has been off the last few years. If he plays like it isn't a Super Bowl, he might play a lot better than he has. Bieber haircut or not.

  2. BOSTON SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I need to stop by and see how things are going.

  3. HAHAHAH "But he has been off the last few years" You do know he was the first ever unanimous MVP winner just last season? he also posted a 50 TD/8 INT MVP Season after Spygate in 2007. His 2011 year was also pretty dam good at 39 TDs / 12 INT. You opinion doesn't mean sh*t!


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