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Monday, February 27, 2012

Hypocrisy: Thy name is Islamic Outrage نفاق

A photograph of a Koran burning in Lebanon
Muslims throwing hundreds of Korans in a sewage ditch in Pakistan... no outrage whatsoever over that.  
Afghan Protestor about Koran burning منافق
Muslims murdering and rioting in Afghanistan because the U.S. Army had the temerity to burn some Korans that were already defaced and desecrated by Muslims first.   Two U.S. advisors were shot in the back by a member of the Afghan forces we are working with.    

This is tiresome and intolerable.  Islamists murder in the name of God over cartoons?  Islamists blow up mosques that they disagree with and in the process kill Muslim women and children (beyond burning Korans).   And this outrage is something we are supposed to take seriously?   The only part I take seriously is this:  Violent over-reaction is not tolerable.  Update:  Hundreds of death threats to "Zombie Mohammed" victim.

And we have nothing to apologize for (at least not in the manner that was done in this case).  The President should be explaining that to the world, rather than catering to this sort of behavior.  This sort of weak reaction by the White House encourages this sort of over-reaction, it does not prevent it.  Charles Krauthammer and National Review are absolutely correct in this:  

The reason we’re apologizing is not because of politeness or showing respect. A single apology would have done that. It’s the fear of violence. People don’t object if Mormons are mocked on Broadway, if Christian crucifixes are put in bottles of urine and displayed in a museum, because violence isn’t a factor.
[Regarding Islam, however] people are afraid. You do a cartoon of Muhammad and you get beheaded or shot. It’s a matter of fear. It’s not respect. One apology is correct. It [the administration’s multiple apologies] shouldn’t have been done — all of this stuff is cravenness.

h/t:  Instapundit  

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