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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Greatest Dance Team Evah! (Update: this helps after the bad news about Andrew Breitbart)

This is some amazing dancing and performing.  The Nicholas Brothers.
Some more information.  Here also.
Update:  I am feeling rather down about Andrew Breitbart.  I was once told that if you feel depressed the best cure for it is tap dancing (it is impossible to be depressed when you tap dance).  After watching this again, I have to agree.  And I believe that is the Cab Calloway Orchestra in the background.  Andrew Breitbart, in his own unique way, danced like this...
Sunshine State Sarah links a lot of others feeling the same today.
Daily Kossacks trying to get Westboro Baptist Church to protest his funeral.  Stay Classy Dems.  Ironically Andrew Breithbart would love this for you guys revealing yourselves.  
The Other McCain has some links too...

As for David Frum and others who spoke badly of Andrew.  What is there to say?  Again, they reveal themselves for what they are.  I will not speak badly of Frum.  Frum is dead to me.
Jeff Goldstein has some of the comments from the left.  Again, Andrew would treat it as a badge of honor.  

All American Blogger has an Andrew Breitbart tribute
Instapundit on readers' emails from Washington State:  Be Breitbart!

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  1. That is some danged fine dancing, EBL, thanks for sharing! They looks so happy, it makes me smile.


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