Monday, February 13, 2012

George Stephanopoulos--"I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States..."

That line:  "I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States" was used in an episode of The West Wing television show where the fictional President Bartlet's staff had to rally to protect their boss during a memo scandal. It was rather thinly disguised that the fictional Bartlet Administration of The West Wing was supposed to be the Clinton Administration where of course George Stephanopoulos worked (idealized of course and without the sex scandals or perjury).  Of course the idea that George Stephanopoulos might still embrace such views while working for ABC News and moderating GOP debates is rather creepy.  We all thought it was weird at the time (it seems like ancient history but it was only about a month ago) how Geroge Stephanopoulos latched onto contraception in the GOP debate.  Boy, what a difference a few weeks make.  You can link the dots quite easily in hindsight!  Bill Jacobson is probably right about this!  
Close coordination between White House and News Sources...
The relationship between the Obama White House and certain media outlets is sort of like this...
White House coordinating with Media Matters...
The Madness of David Brock/Media Matters...

Update II:  Separated at Birth:  Creepy Couples Valentine's Day Edition!  
Update III:  George Stephanopoulos:  Paid Democratic Party HitmanAlthough we know who noted this first.
Update IV:  Dershowitz:  Media Matter could be Obama's next "Rev. Wright" 
Update:  It has been a trap all along...and George was in on it.  

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