Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some Republican candidates and their supporters chase Mitt Romney...

"The creature was a party of boys, marching..."

Michelle Malkin (Frenemies)
Rush Limbaugh (goes nuclear over Bain attacks)
John Podhoretz (weakest-strongest GOP candidate ever?)
Jonah Goldberg (Thanks Rick Perry...)
Newt anti-capitalist?
Vodkapundit: It's a madhouse...
Rush advises that conservatives push our candidates to the right...

Kudos:  Rick Santorum refuses to join with the other boys...
              Rick Santorum distances himself from Newt's lefty attack...

Dan Riehl says Mitt Romney had it coming to him...

Jeff Goldstein points blame at the GOP Establishment (the bigger problem we are facing)...
Why Mitt Romney is not Gordon Gecko.

Update:  Newt Gingrich says on Sean Hannity in December 2011: Mitt was a good manager at Bain! (around 6:20)  Boy the difference a couple of weeks makes.

Update II:     Rush says Newt Gingrich sounds like Elizabeth Warren
Update III:   Hannity says Rick Perry sounds like he is from Occupy Wall Street
Update IV:    WSJ: Romney has a good story on Bain if he is willing to tell it.

Update V:      Newt changes (again) and says going after Mitt and Bain was a mistake on his part.
Update VI:     Newt and Perry might have "sealed this all up for the Romster."   And here's Ace's next fear:  "That this film makes Romney unelectable, and Perry and Gingrich have made themselves unelectable by pushing it."
Update VII:          The Other McCain:  Republican Party is depraved and decadent...
Update VIII:          Ace reminds us that he is "smaaaahhhht."
Update IX:             Professor Bainbrige's Moderate Republican Romneyphobe Take
                                 Professor Bainbridge on Romney's Firing Practices
Update X:               Roger Simon (the Pajama Media one) rejects Newt

Wee Man Update:   Wee Man Robert Reich and the Bain of Capitalism...


  1. How long before they savage Romney too?

  2. That is the whole point. Newt, Perry, and Huntsman want to put Mitt "Piggy" Romney's head on a stick. There is plenty to stick Mitt with, but Mitt's work at Bain would not be one of them.

    Santorum seems to be more a Ralph on this.

  3. If you listened to the entire show, you will hear Rush explain that Romney is to blame for Newts' actions. Mark Levin says the same and he reads a story About 96% of the negative ads being targeted at Newt. They are the only 2 that does not attack Newt. Glenn Beck is a fraud and undercover Romney supporter. He doesn't want it to look like a Mormon thing.

  4. I am not against attacking Mitt Romney. By all means, there is plenty to attack. What I am against is Newt attacking Mitt Romney for Mitt being a capitalist. To his credit, Rick Santorum refused to go there. Perry, Huntsman and Newt went there. Newt said three weeks ago to Hannity he was wrong for doing it, and then did it again.

    I mean, who does Newt think Mitt Romeny is? One of Newt's wives?

  5. I don't get all het up about this stuff. The fix is in and there is nothing you can do.


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