Friday, January 27, 2012

Romney claims that Gingrich was not a Reagan supporter? Romney voted for Carter!

There is plenty to attack Newt Gingrich for when he has been less than conservative in the past.  But I do not hear Romney and his supporters attacking Newt over those things.  Rather they are going well beyond that and are suggesting that Newt Gingrich never supported Ronald Reagan and his vision.   “That kind of stuff is why people hate Romney so much," Rush Limbaugh said.  Michael Reagan points out:  “It surprises me that Mitt Romney and his supporters would raise this issue — when Mitt by his own admission voted for Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale who opposed my father, and later supported liberal Democrat Paul Tsongas for president.  Here is a clip of Gingrich and Reagan here that was edited and taken out of context by Team Romney.

Jeff Goldstein sums it well:

Watching the “pragmatic” center-right electability-jackals go after Newt Gingrich the last couple days — in a concentrated, concerted, and organized way — suggests to me that the establishment sector of “our” movement has adopted the worst tactics of the left, which it will use, amazingly, only against those to their right.
That is, these “pragmatists” are willing to smear and demonize conservatives (while pretending to define contemporary conservatism, in that way moving it leftward), and yet they make it their mission to woo the moderates and independents with pleasing panders and populist pablum.
And for this they deserve my vote?
Update: Robert Stacy McCain:  Romney or Gingrich is a false dilema:  Get yourself a sweater vest!  

Update II:  Mona Charen response to suggestions she is a RINO:
Why is it that people who support Newt believe they are backing the more conservative candidate? Where is the evidence that Gingrich is more conservative than Romney? Gingrich has supported embryonic stem cell research, Medicare Part D, global warming legislation, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, an industrial policy, amnesty for some illegal immigrants, and ethanol subsidies, among many other apostasies. True, he has also changed (and changed back) some of those views. But does harranguing the press really count for so much?
Okay Mona, doesn't this support Robert Stacy McCain and DaTechGuy's argument for supporting Santorum?  Rush Limbaugh is praising Rick Santorum.  
Update III:  Santorum to be a front runner very soon?


  1. I think Santorum is getting stronger with each debate. After this last one, he proved that Romney is not going to stand up to O. It's nice to see that Rush's brother is going to vote for him.

    1. I like that Romney can throw a punch. I do not like that Romney and Gingrich have this tendency to throw donkey punches on each other. Save that stuff for Barack Obama.

    2. I wish Santorum would catch fire. I know it is a long shot for him to get the nomination, but I want him to be a real force in this race and I think he has been a very honorable and straight shooting candidate. He has not engaged in the dirty tricks and below the belt punches that Romney and Gingrich have done.

  2. After this last one, he proved that Romney is not going to stand up to O.


  3. Keep up the great reportage, EBL. I'm liking your site more and more.

  4. I followed the link above that claims that Romney voted for Carter and Mondale, but it doesn't say anything about Romney voting for them. Can you provide a link that backs up that claim?

  5. Santorum is truly the most conservative, but he's by far the worst salesman of the three. I'll vote for whoever is running against Obama, and wish Santorum was better at making his case. You got to have a little zip. When Rick is in control, he is... whimpy, when he is not being meek, he just seems like an angry Napolean Dynamite.

    I will vote for any of the four. We need a lasting solution to this problem of creeping socialism. even if conservatives win this time, I think the left and the press will destroy them. If its Gingrich, they will turn him. History repeats.

    1. I agree Santorum has difficulty closing the deal. And it does scare me he lost his own state by 19 points. This may be part of the problem too.


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