Thursday, January 12, 2012

Karl Rove says Mitt Romney is making history...

The Architect
Karl Rove says Mitt Romney makes history.
What might have been?
No, ignore that...
Jeb Bush to endorse Mitt Romney?

Update:  Romney's Pendulum (or maybe "The Name of The Mitt")
When the Party splinters — and I believe it will after a Romney nomination, particularly if he can’t pull off the general election — all the shaming in the world isn’t going to help the GOP opinion leaders rein in the base. As comments on this site have illustrated, there are still many people torn over what to do with a Romney candidacy, with most agreeing that they’ll hold their noses and vote for him if only to unseat Obama. That isn’t the same thing as accepting him, however — and Geraghty well knows that Romney’s money and mainstream GOP endorsements go a very long way toward putting Mitt over with the majority of Republican voters who don’t pay attention to the daily minutia of politics to the extent many of us do. 
The conservative base of the GOP shouldn’t have to beg and complain and revolt in order for the GOP to proffer and throw its support behind an actual conservative candidate. To pretend Mitt Romney is such insults the intelligence of the base. And that won’t go away simply because you show yourself willing to point and laugh at the silly idealists who would prefer a Republican nominee who at least would be willing to defend free market capitalism — a contingency itself dependent upon that Republican nominee’s first even believing in such a system.

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  1. It is indeed likely that the GOP will go the way of the Whig.



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