Saturday, January 7, 2012

George and Diane's Big Fat Republican Gay Debate

Contraception?     Leave it alone George...  Drudge is right this debate was a Stephanopo-mess.

The Other McCain's POST-DEBATE SPIN ROOM   RSM was a little cranky but I agree with him on this:
"I’m feeling kind of cranky tonight. What the hell was this, the Big Gay Debate starring “Phil from Virginia”? Why are we letting George and Diane moderate a Republican debate? How drunk was Diane Sawyer tonight, huh?"
A constitutional amendment on marriage is very unlikely to ever happen.  The GOP candidates--(even Santorum) are not focused on this issue because it really is not a federal issue.  Most people do not care that much about this, they care about the economy and the direction the country is going on fiscal and foreign policy.  But these questions show that the moderators would rather engaged in shenanigans (trying to create a wedge issue that will hurt the GOP in the general election), which is why the GOP must take over its own primary debates.

And given all the questions Little George S. asked tonight, he is obviously curious and needs some explanation of how things work...I think he needs a sit down with him on this topic.

Update:  Ann Althouse says no law professor would allow her student to answer the way Romney did.  Well yeah, but George Stephanopo-mess is not conducting a constitutional law seminar Ann.  Stephanopo-mess was trying to create a wedge issue for the general election with Obama that can be used against whoever is the GOP nominee.

Update II:  Apparently David Gregory could not leave the issue alone either this morning in the GOP Sunday Morning Debate.  So now we know Rick Santorum would love his hypothetical gay son.  Who schedules a debate Saturday night and another debate Sunday morning?  All these gay questions!  Are George and David trying to tell us something?


  1. Kudos, EBL

    (or should it be kudas, feminine suffix?)

  2. At one level, the Republican debates amount to the American left fending off challengers to the Obama presidency. Because there is no Democratic challenger, there is no sense that the incumbent himself will face this kind of screwtiny. Of course this may--in fact must--change when the debates move to the general election.

  3. Aw, the press is just trying to make them seem warm, cute and cuddly!


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