Saturday, January 7, 2012

Did Jon Huntsman Staff Fake The Attack Ad Against Him? That is what Ron Paul people are saying!

Did Jon Huntsman's staff create the hit piece?
Now for the rub:  The concluding caption is “American Values And Liberty… Vote Ron Paul”.  Starting to smell the stink yet?
The video was uploaded by a user called “NHLiberty4Paul” on Wednesday, January 4.  A quick look at the user’s channel page (archived here as a backup) shows that the account was created the exactly same day that the video was uploaded.  This brand new, anonymous user has, of course, zero other uploads.
Furthermore, according to the publicly-viewable stats provided by YouTube, the very first place this video was posted was Jon Huntsman’s campaign website,  This was done on January 4, the very day the video was uploaded to YouTube, and before the video had received any traffic from other sites...

Is Huntsman's Campaign complicit in dirty trick against Paul?
Daily Paul Blog thinks it was a dirty trick.

This should be interesting.  Somebody is not telling the truth. 

Let me clarify.  I can't imagine either candidate approving something so insanely stupid.  But a rogue supporter?  The first Ron Paul link above does make an argument it may have come from Huntsman's campaign offices.  Seems that could be easily proven one way or the other.  Of course, Ron Paul does attract a few crazies to his campaign.  

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