Friday, January 6, 2012

Crying wolf...I mean raaaaacism

The L.A. Times, either disingenuous or delusional:

The L.A. Times proving once again how stupid it can be.
Gateway Pundit was the faux naughty raaaaaacist right wing culprit!
Good Job Gateway Pundit!

Ace of Spades: Racist? No. Mean? Yes (so what?)   
Seems obvious to anyone except the L.A. Times

But I would agree  with the L.A. Times that the analogy is not completely spot on because Michelle Obama doesn't want us to even eat cake.

Bonus Cartoon Monarchial Raaaaacism (h/t Protest Warrior at GWP comments):

Extra-special Bonus hypocrisy by L.A. Times (h/t: al-Cicero, Tea Party Jihadist at Ace's comments):
Ace of Spades follow up post

Bonus Patent Racism:  Via Ann Althouse!
Bonus Instalink!

BONUS Obama White House hypocrisy:   Not over racism, but over Marie Antoinette inspired over the top revery and Hollywood decadence.   Crack Emcee has the story.  Hmmm, what Obamas might be worried about is slamming Republicans for supporting the rich while they are busy pandering to their base with private fetes with rather rick Hollywood insiders in a house that (last time I checked) we, the People, own.  

Welcome to Versailles, Gilded Age, or Bayou Billionaires?
Maetenloch has some follow up (and photos above) over at Ace of Spades

And last but not least, the blog that started it all:  Gateway Pundit also noting the Mad Hatter Party and the excesses of Obama and his court.    And Gateway Pundit gets defended by Bill O'Reilly and Bernie Goldberg.

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