Saturday, January 28, 2012

Amazing animals - Pikas

Okay, David Attenborough can't help but give a global warming lecture (what is with these "borough" guys and their lectures), but pikas are amazing little guys. They do not hibernate, but remain active all winter, living off the hay they make in the summer.  They are industrious and self made.  They do not believe in taxes.  Pikas do not pretend to be conservative (they just are).  They know no handout will be coming if they do not prepare.   Unlike some former conservatives, who left congress years ago due to the threat of sandal and spend all their time with a girl whose name is spelled similar to pika, tearing down conservatives everyday (well beyond Newt Gingrich).  Perhaps we should recruit a pika at the GOP convention to be the nominee.  Because who doesn't like a pika?
Update:  Oh wait, there is this guy too.  And he is endorsed by pikas.

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