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Sunday, January 29, 2012

All Mitt Romney wants is a simple offering of earth and water: Romney supporters are trying to redistrict Allen West out of congress!

Shark Tank reports on this "plan."  Legal Insurection notes that Romney supporters are trying to redistrict Allen West out of congress for failing to give the offering of "earth and water."  An appropriate answer is due.
h/t P.J. Tattler
As George Patton once said: "A man that eloquent has to be saved."
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Update:  Good commentary from Sister Toldjah.  Yeah guys, we are seeing a pattern.
hat tip:  The Macho Response
Here is a suggestion Mitt:  Hurting Allen West does not prove you are a conservative.
Update:  Hot Air:  Bad Rap on Romney GOP supporters?  
Update II:   Allen West switching districts, which should protect him.  
Update III:  Stacy McCain on the intrigue of Florida politics and who is really Allen West's enemy...


  1. Mitt Romney is evil.

    It is as important to defeat Mitt Romney as it is to defeat Barack Hussein Obama.

    See: [LINK]


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