Saturday, December 31, 2011

Andrew Sullivan is confused (or lying) on the economy and Barack Obama...

REVISING MY VENN DIAGRAMS: I would have thought that the circles representing “people who have endorsed Ron Paul” and “people who defend the competence of Obama’s central economic planning” wouldn’t overlap. But I guess I should have known that if anyone were to fall in both, it would be Andrew Sullivan. So the Obama central planners spent nearly a trillion dollars based on their projections, and now we’re supposed to ignore their wildly erroneous forecasts because they just didn’t realize how bad the Bush economy was? 
As Judge Spotswood Robinson used to say to lawyers in trouble, “what’s your next argument?”
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I recall Andrew Sullivan arguing that George W. Bush's out of control spending needed to be curbed.  Funny, I have not heard Mr. Sullivan make that argument about Barack Obama.  Despite the fact, the evidence of reckless spending by the Obama Administration is overwhelming.

The curious lies of Andrew Sullivan... I am surprised Sullivan has not blamed Trig Palin for these deficits yet.  Sullivan says these charts cited by Glenn Reynolds are all lies.  Hmmm, pathetic. But it's all Sully's got.  Especially since the chair of the DNC said that 
the Democratic Party owns this economy.

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Update II:      The Continuing Lies of Andrew Sullivan*

A recent “infographic” released by the White House tries to assign the blame for our massive debt and deficits to former President Bush and Republican Congresses.  However, the graphic conveniently omits President Obama’s record and his plans for the fiscal future of our country.  If the President had his way and his Fiscal Year 2012 budget proposal was enacted, here is what a comparison of the increase in public debt would look like:
As the graph above shows, the debt held by the public increased $2.4 trillion between 2000 and 2008, from $3.4 trillion to $5.8 trillion.  Under President Obama’s budget proposal, the debt held by the public is projected to increase $6.1 trillion between 2008 and 2012, from $5.8 trillion to $11.9 trillion.
That means that President Obama will more than double the debt accumulated under President Bush in half the time.  Twice the debt in half the time: courtesy of the Obama Administration.

Facts are troublesome some people like Sullivan choose to ignore them.

Sully does not need facts!

Sully needs to come out of his cocoon of denial.

Update Hey:  

JUST AS A REMINDER, I’m repeating this graphic from James Pethokoukis’s The 7 Most Illuminating Economic Charts of 2011, illustrating the gap between Obama’s promises and performance on the stimulus and unemployment. Happy New Year! And no excuses.

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