Saturday, December 31, 2011

And the winner is...

 What's your favorite "12" movie?
The Dirty Dozen 49%227 
12 Angry Men 26%120 
12 Monkeys 16%74 
Cheaper by the Dozen 7%33 
Ocean's Twelve 1%
Twelve 0%
12 0%
460 votes total free polls

Hey look who is doing a poll.  The readers have spoken!  A few move votes and there would not even be a run off in Louisiana.

Update:  She is also doing a post of her top nine posts of 2011.

Top 9?  A Herman Cain reference perhaps?

Blogger Maguro said...
Just curious, but why a Top 9? Isn't a Top 10 more customary for these sorts of things?
12/31/11 6:28 PM
Blogger rick said...
#10 must have been real ugly.
12/31/11 6:33 PM

Could it be commentator disputes at #10?

Blogger Ann Althouse said...
"Just curious, but why a Top 9? Isn't a Top 10 more customary for these sorts of things?"

I was using a Blogger resource that had the top 10 of all time, and all but 1 are this year.

Wish I had a better resource, but that's all I had.
12/31/11 6:45 PM

Well glad that is cleared up.  We couldn't have that could we?  Happy New Year to all!  Especially my Doppelgänger.


  1. Everyone wants to be one of the Dirty Dozen, lol.

  2. Aw, but schmutzig is so Trooper York--and not completely wrong--historically.

  3. I mean, filthy is just a different degree of dirty.

  4. LOL, schmutzig Trooper blog, jah. Prosit Neujahr Chickie!

  5. I feel like I stumbled into a German beer hall.


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