Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trump could have slammed the Democrats all week for the leftist violence in San Jose...

Hillary Clinton was blaming the victims in San Jose for being beaten. This was the issue Trump should have been focusing on this week, defending his own supporters.  That and trying to stir up division between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters.  

I agree with Ace, Trump's comments are not "racist" per se.  Trump just assumes anyone criticizing him is biased against him.  Of course, a lot of politicians think like that (we know how thin skinned Barack Obama is and Hillary Clinton can certainly hold a grudge--and keeps a little list of people who won't be missed).  Hillary's hypocrisy is pretty apparent.  But this latest stuff from Trump just seems rather nuts and certainly could be spun as racist.  So why go there?  What's the upside when you end up getting in fights with your own supporters over this?  

All Trump managed to do is focus more attention on Trump U fraud case and take attention away from the real racism of Mexican flag waving mobs attacking Trump supporters in San Jose.  I also agree with Ace, I don't mind at all Trump taking on the hypocrisy of the media. But this whole Trump U dust up does not seem to be helping Trump or the GOP at all. 

I have misread things Trump in the past (I never thought he would get the nomination), but I do not see this boding well for the general election.  

But hey, this consummate outsider is bringing in Dick Morris to save the day...

Why not a bit more of this instead:

Legal Insurrection has more on this Trump PAC attack ad (this is really good)

Twitchy: Paul Ryan and Trump mixing it up (this is going swimmingly)
Free Beacon: More Trump and Ryan (does Trump really think the GOP wants to follow him down this anchor chain)

Wombat: American Thinker: Rule of law vs. racism (ok, I can accept the former contention, but Trump sure handled this whole thing like a Chump and set himself up for attack).


  1. You know as well as I this is a political hit and Trump had better get his points made early and often. The Left has spent a long time setting this up and they're going to drag it out all summer.

    Not to mention the fact the San Jose thing is getting the same support from the NeverTrumpersabd the judge thing. Funny how people who call themselves Conservative and diss trump all over the place sound like Ernst Rohm's Stormtroopers.

    And Ryan's sounding more and more like he's Barry's homie than a Republican. I guess McConnell and the rest of the sitzpinklers are hoping there'll be a chance to hijack the convention. I know the One True Ted is making noises like that, but I guess he still thinks Mitch is his new BFF.

    1. Trump is blowing this. Let's assume the whole Trump U lawsuit is a political hit and BS, so Trump decides to attack a federal judge as being "Mexican" after he has been on the case for over a year? Then he doubles down on it. Then he gets in a battle with Newt over it. Then he says he would not trust a Muslim judge, and that the judge being Mexican doesn't matter.

      This whole week should have been Trump slamming Democrats over those San Jose riots and trying to sow division between Bernie supporters and Hillary. Oh, he also should have slammed Democrats for the horrible jobs report that came out this week.

      Trump is potentially blowing this all on his own.

      Ryan and Establishment Republicans do not want to get sucked down with Trump (and there is no love loss between them and Trump). #NeverTrumpers over at RedState just want to say they told you so about Trump. But this was an unforced error on Trump's part.

    2. Well, he is the heir apparent for the party of stupid, known for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  2. Ed: Trump try at recusing this judge is probably not going to work...

    I have underestimated Trump way too many times and this is a weird election cycle. But I think he is fucking up his chances.


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