Thursday, June 23, 2016

Democrat Stooges Stage A Silly Sit In and Slumber Party

Instapundit: What fried chicken did the Democrats order for their slumber party?, Democrat Toddler-ocracySeven memes of Democrat sit In that will leave you in sticheswith Democrat sit in, time for rule breaking has arrived, and even Gawker thinks what the Democrats are doing is stupid

Twitchy: Jonah Goldberg sums up Dem logic on this, Danny DeVito accidentally cracks up over gun control, Photoshop/Memes of Democrat sit in

Blaze: Paul Ryan goes off on Dems trying to raise money off tragedy

Federalist: Democrats: We shall overcome the Constitution

Rush Limbaugh: Democrat House Sit In

Free Beacon: Kardashian Approved

AoSHQ: Behold teh stoopid

DaTechGuy: House sit in

Lem: No Fly Disaster

Wombat: JWF: Dems say ISIS irrelevant in #OrlandoMassacre and Twitchy: Escaped ISIS sex slave drops a brutal one liner on Obama

Legal Insurrection: Democrats build pillow fort, eat lots of food, and eventually go home

American Grit: 72 killed in gun confiscation attempt

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  1. And lest the poor babies go hungry, they sent out for Chick-fil-A to feed them.


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