Thursday, November 26, 2015

Oklahoma! Thanksgiving

Mark Steyn's Thanksgiving Sampler includes how he loves the song Oklahoma! (which Frank Sinatra, to my knowledge, did not record).  Sinatra did record other songs from the play.

Thanksgiving was traditionally The Wizard of Oz on television (back in the day) but the film Oklahoma! works too...

Richard Rodger and Oscar Hammerstein wanted the film to be shot in Oklahoma, but unfortunately trying to find countryside that looked like the turn of the century setting was difficult by the 1950s. Oklahoma! was filmed mainly in Arizona's San Rafael Valley, a vast area along the Mexican border about 30 miles from Rancho Grande. Primary filming locations were The Green Cattle Co. ranch in San Raphael Valley, the Hamlet of Amado, Canoa Ranch & San Rafael Ranch State Park in Arizona.

And just in case you can't wait for the barn burner Oklahoma! toward the end of the film, here it is:

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