Sunday, November 22, 2015

Is the race Trump's to lose?

Trump thinks Fox News is biased? George Stephanopoulos is not asking unexpected questions, but he is certainly partisan and out to hurt Trump (and Republicans) and to assist Hillary Clinton (from any attacks). Stephanopoulos is completely biased and corrupt.

Some of these answers are okay for Trump.  He does know how to play the media generally and Trump has this tactic of saying something provocative and outrageous, getting a ton of free publicity, and then pivoting. The major media will try this week to make hay about some of these comments.  So far such biased attempts have backfired.

I thought attacking Ben Carson the way he did last week would back fire on Trump.  I was wrong, Carson fell in Iowa and Trump went up.  There is a method to this madness. But shouldn't Trump have the foresight of knowing that some of these attacks are coming and at least try to avoid them?

Trump has said he might run third party if he is not treated 'fairly' by the GOP.

I guess that pledge was not so much of a pledge.  That should give the GOP Establishment types a bit of pause.  

The thousands of cheering Muslims on 9/11/01 were not in Jersey City (as Donald Trump claims*), they were in Gaza and East Jerusalem (although Jersey City did give us the first World Trade Center Attack masterminded by Egyptian Blind Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman--who by the way over stayed a tourist visa and then got political asylum in the United States). How many Americans will have to die before we say no to (most) Muslim 'refugees' coming here?  
EBL: This is the story the media should be focused on

*Update: Instapundit: Wait a second the Washington Post reported on Muslims celebrating after 9/11 in Jersey City?   WaPo's Glenn Kessler is a partisan liar.
Mark Steyn: Jersey Sure (hey, Jersey has enough problems than to be compared to liar Glenn Kessler)

Instapundit: Obama wants to defeat America, not ISIS, Trump is the symptom, not the problem, after Paris, where's our fire, Trump and waterboarding, be careful what you wish for, maybe Europe should put its money where its safety is..., Brussels is our Pottersville, and rational concern is not Islamophobia

Regular Right Guy: Shepard Smith is a dork and What ISIS Policy, Mr. President?
Thousands of ISIS fighters were smuggled in? (actually a lot of them just walked right in...)
American Power Blog: Why Paris Could Happen Here and ISIS Terrorist Salah Abdeslam escapes European manhunt
Camp of the Saints: Obama: Talk to the Hand
Legal Insurrection: Trump will see what happens
Jonah Goldberg: Obama's strategic blundering is the theater of the absurd

Rush Limbaugh on Fox News Sunday and Rush notes: Obama shut down the Iraq Refugee program for six months over security concerns, Drive Bys try to break Trump with selective editing and reporting, Trump defies predictions after Paris attacks, Obama finally bombs ISIS oil tankers

Smitty: A Trump Mulligan?

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  1. At the moment it is.

    What happens is a lot of issues stem from the one where he caught people's attention - immigration - and he seems to be giving the right answers.

    We'll have to see about the promaries.


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