Friday, September 25, 2015

So who will Establishment Republicans back for Speaker of the House

With John Boehner out, who will replace him?

But why go Newt, let's see the GOP Establishment go Full Retard!

Although Hastert might enjoy wrestling with Democrats!

AoSHQ: Red Handed

Instapundit: We won't have John Boehner to kick around anymore (so when is McConnell going), Powerline: Disappointed! and what would Rahm have Done?

Mark Steyn: After the Balls and Bob has more

Darleen Click: The Orange man leaveth...

I agree with what Ace is saying here, unfortunately it will be McCarthy, Scalise, and Kathy McMorris Rogers who will benefit from all of this. Why? Money.  McCarthy is probably first in line because Boehner has him tied in with the GOP donors.  Boehner has spent years flying around the country soliciting funds for the GOP.  


  1. I was going to suggest that Nancy Pelosi become a Republican so that she can be the Speaker again. I'm sure that the establishment Republicans would like to see her in that chair. I'm surprised that you didn't mention it.


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