Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hillary Hypocrisy

Smitty: A Village Is Visited By An Idiot

And it is a wee bit early to be despairing John. A certain candidate has problems of her own. At the state level it's not that bad. But after all of that if you are still feeling stressed: Have a Drink (better make it a double)!

If you want to know why certain candidates get traction, look at the behavior of some of the incumbents. Still, don't give up the fight. We only have one planet country to fight for.

EBL: Separated at Birth: Bill Clinton and...?

Instapundit/Ed Driscoll: Bill and Hillary Clinton's destruction of Monica Lewinsky, Hillary's upside down reforms, and what Carly would do
Rush Limbaugh: Hillary is so bad Obama's talking about running and Paglia nails it on Clinton
Hogewash: Carbon footprints are for little people

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  1. And this surprises you?

    NIMBY is what the Lefty aristocracy.


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