Monday, June 22, 2015

Maybe the Media could ask Hillary Clinton her take on this campaign image...

Instapundit: Tweet of the Day 

Hillary and the Confederate Flag
Rush Limbaugh: Hillary blames Donald Trump and Talk Radio for Charleston
Instapundit: No wonder they want to talk about flags and there is so much juice to be squeezed from this apple
Trooper has a point

Twitchy: When will the media ask the Clintons about their use of the Confederate Flag?

EBL: South Carolina Shooter Captured and #BlackLivesMatter

Rush Limbaugh: A tale of two 21 year olds (I respect the point being made, but I would not compare them because the criminal is not worth noting at all) and the Confederate Flag: A Democrat Legacy
AmPowBlog: Mississippi Democrat Ronnie Musgrove refuses to remove confederate flag from State Flag
Instapundit: Hillary (She who can't be named) was on the Walmart board for years (while it sold Confederate branded merch.) and Networks omit how a Democrat Gov. was first to raise the Confederate flag over the State House
TOM: Media Synchronicity and Corruption

Instapundit: Hillary should give back her Walmart earnings...

Regular Right Guy: Maybe Democrats can focus on the flag that presents a clear and present danger to Americans
Rush Limbaugh: It is really not about the Confederate flag
DaTechGuy: Still selling these flags...
AoSHQ: Confederate stuff banned, but Nazi stuff is just fine...
Instapundit and Donald Douglas: Hillary Clinton Confederate Flag Merchandise from 2008!

Instapundit: That flag is just a symbol of human bondage and slavery (what does Hillary say)

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  1. Ram it down her throat (punchline optional).


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