Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) just a scam to make money for its principals?

SPLC: Southern Poverty Law Center Exposed: Morris Dees and Hate Crimes (hate crimes are great for fund raising)

TOM: SPLC lists 'Draw Mohammed' cartoon contest winner on its hate list (I suppose there are a lot of wealthy folks who might donate to SPLC over an issue like this).  

Bosch Fawstin describes himself as a 'recovering Muslim.' Now if Bosch said he was a 'recovering Christian' would the SPLC put him on its 'hate list" for making cartoons?  

Instapundit: Eugene VolokhWhen it comes to pens and swords, good idea to have plenty of boththe FBI's "interesting" reaction to an ISIS death threatspeak free or diethe left's campaign against free speechGuadalcanal to Garland (why we fight), and Mark Steyn defends free speech

TOM: Things White People Like: Getting paid six figure salaries to expose raaaaacism!
AoSHQ: Don't They Know There Is A War Going On?
Kevin Williamson: In Garland we got lucky, what didn't happen next in Garland (after the shooting), and in Texas we shoot back

American Power Blog: Islamaphobia Thought Crime
Regular Right Guy: #FreePamGeller and Marie Harf: Rumor Control
SPLC Watch

TOM: The SPLC monitors a so called pick up artist as an extremist group?  Wasn't Morris Dees accused of sexually abusing his step daughter?

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