Friday, May 1, 2015

#BaltimoreRiots: Here Are the Mug Shots of the Baltimore Cops Arrested in the Death of Freddie Gray. Update: GoFundMe tells cops what you would expect…

EBL So where is the bolt?, So what happened to Freddie Gray in Custody?, and What happened to Freddie Gray?

Instapundit: Joan Walsh: Racism From Osmosis? and Prosecutor Mosby charges 6 police officers
American Power Blog: Baltimore's Problems and how not to fix America's broken cities

Powerline: Thoughts about the Freddie Gray Case I share these concerns. Something deadly happened to Freddie Gray. We don't have the answers to any of that yet. But I suspect this prosecutor is over her head and does not realize the tiger tail she has just latched on to. JazzShaw thinks the same.

Andrew Branca/Legal Insurrection: Justice or Political Theater?
Instapundit: Why can't Obama say ISIS beheads Christians, why are Democrat run cities haven of police brutality?, #AskHillary Hashtag is there to help journalists do their job, Michael Walsh: GoFundMe is a leftist tool, and Obama mum on lefties trashing Seattle in May Day Riot

TOM: #CopsLivesMatter? Demetrius Blackwell charged with shooting of NYPD Officer Brian Moore


  1. I somehow knew that White was black and Nero was white. Because in the words of TOP, words are fungible.

  2. You know the Joan Walshes were praying they would all be white.

    The powers that be in Baltimore seem to have decided that it doesn't matter who gets thrown to the wolves as long as it's somebody.

    Maybe the former Newspaper Of Record told them the black cops would be described as white blacks or Negroes.

  3. People should run comparisons of these mugshots to the diversity at MSNBC, Slate, and Vox.


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