Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You can always tell someone's real character by how they treat wait staff: Hillary Clinton Stiffs On Tip

Hillary is wearing "pink" for a reason (maybe we should call her Ms.Pink from now on):

Instapundit: Hillary is as inevitable as she was in 2008, a woman with a net worth of 333 million dollars gripes about equal pay (and then doesn't even tip), Hillary claims she wants a constitutional amendment on campaign finance reform (even though she abuses the campaign finance system more than anyone), Hillary dodges questions on private server two years ago, above average order at Chipotle? (her tip was not above average), Hillary is a serial liar, and question for Hillary: do underage sex slaves on Jeffrey Epstein's private island feel empowered by your candidacy?

Here's a Tip for Hillary Clinton: If you stiff the waitress, you'll pay

EBL Hillary thinks she is above the law

Will Hillary undo herself (again)?

Instapundit: Hillary invents immigrant parents, spontaneous campaign events are a bit staged, do Hillary's Lesbian lovers love Chipotle, and hope for Hillary!

This Britt McHenry Tow Truck meltdown is a character tell, just like Hillary's arrogant behavior of not tipping, parking in handicap spots, etc.
TOM: @BrittMcHenry destroys her career
Instapundit: The way to get back is to sue them (in Hillary's case to call her out)

Smitty: Friday Fiction Challenge: Grandma is Hillary and she throws Grandaughter under the bus to save her own career (fiction can be very close to the truth sometimes)


  1. Stiffing the wait staff for the tip is part of Hillary's war on women. By raising the minimum wage, she hopes to get their hours cut back, as happened to the waitress she heard about during the 2008 campaign.

  2. I dug into the archives and found the post, in Hillary's own words of the unintended consequences of raising the minimum wage. (No mention of here tipping or stiffing the waitress on this one.


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