Monday, April 6, 2015

The Media Cannot Be Trusted: Sabrina Rubin Erdely, Rolling Stone and UVA lies

EBL:  The Media Cannot Be Trusted: George Stephanopoulos Edition

Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds has been on a roll for the last couple of days): No one was fired from Rolling Stone, not even Erdely, RS rape hoax, why did it happen?, UVA President Teresa Sullivan should be held accountable, the Columbia report is devastating for UVA and Rolling Stone, consequences are for little people, liberals may regret their new rules, Rolling Stone and Eardley did damage a mere apology will not fix, Apology from Rolling Stone's Sabrina Rubin Erdely?, Eugeme Volokh: Libel, UVA and Rolling Stone, Rolling Stone and Erdely go with the Marion Barry Defense, Ashe Schow and what we learned from this review, and (according to WaPo) Rolling Stone's behavior consistent with that of "a purveyor of bias."

Legal Insurrection: Journalistic Failure

More from American Power Blog
And as usual Amanda Marcotte misses the point entirely
Instapundit: Slandered and libeled fraternity pursues damages from Rolling Stone and UVA, from Watergate to the Pizza Warsthe curtain is pulled back, and to the left narratives matter way more than facts (even if it later blows up on them).
Legal Insurrection: Students smeared by Rolling Stone and Jackie speak out
Rush Limbaugh
Instapundit: The only clear victims were the accused and Columbia Dean: get both sides of the story!
The Camp of the Saints: Over, Under, Sideways, Down: You were warned...
American Power Blog: Obama is an asshat and Truth Revolt link
TOM: News Flash: Liberals Hate Christianity, the Joyce Trebilcot Award Nominee, and John Nolte's RightWhy facts matter
Instapundit: Someone should FOIA request these emailsthe media pile on Rand Paul (they are the enemy), and has Rolling Stone/Erdely ever collaborated a rape story?
TOM: A Coven of Liars: Sabrina Rubin Erdely, Emily Rendon, and Catherine Lhamon (and what should disturb you most is this appears to be politically orchestrated by the Obama White House) and why is feminism so crazy?
Instapundit: A Real Gang Rape survivor speaks out (and goes after Rolling Stone)
Smitty: Is he trying to get a job with Rolling Stone?

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  1. Some of us learned that lesson with the '64 Republican convention.


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