Sunday, April 12, 2015

SNL Hillary's Campaign Announcement: Buckle Up America, the Clintons are Back!

Regular Right Guy: Hillary pumping gas and Chelsea in Elle


  1. Even when they are making fun of her, they are in the tank for her. Using a hot young blond to portray her makes her look good. And not a hint of aging makeup, like they did for Dick Cheney or Barbera Bush imitations.

    If the GOP wants to win, all they have to do is remind everyone that hillery is an old woman, long past her prime, in politics as well as biologically.

    1. After six plus years of giving O an almost complete pass, it is refreshing of them to give Hillary the Sarah Palin treatment. That character will not help Hillary and they intend to keep going with it (given they have repeated it twice now).

      But as for your suggestion, does this help?


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