Thursday, April 30, 2015

#BaltimoreRiots: So what did happen to Freddie Gray while in custody?

Baltimore P.D. and City Government managed to make this controversy a huge story.  How in the hell does a man go into a van uninjured and come out with a fatal broken back and crushed windpipe? If it were a violent drug reaction, that would be confirmed in the autopsy. Was he beaten by the cops? Was it a "nickel ride"?  It does not look like we will get answers this week.  

Instapundit: Fifty Shades of Freddie Gray and did Freddie Gray injure himself (I seriously doubt it, without drug or other forensic evidence to the contrary).  

It is just amazing that post Ferguson that Baltimore could manage to do a worse job with public relations. This does not excuse the rioters--President Obama called them thugs (and Obama got the race card played against him in response).  Riots are not justified but they were still foreseeable. The Baltimore City and Police Department officials certainly could have done more to diffuse this situation.  

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Gray banged head in police van


  1. I heard on KFI radio this evening about litigation reported by the Boston Sun. The case involved lead paint* and his twin sister (Frederika). Apparently, lots of $ were involved as well as a CA company which pays out settlements in advance to desperate people. There was something fishy about the timing of the payout.
    *No matter what shakes out of this, I'm sure Pb will be involved. Chemical elements and current events.

  2. Lead can cause some bad results, but it seems odd he would go into that van and come out the way he did. It is possible there was some sort of chemical contribution but wouldn't that come out in the autopsy?

  3. Gray may have been a fall down artist who was trying to gin up a police brutality suit and went too far.

    Stay tuned.

    PS Why no autopsy yet?


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