Monday, March 16, 2015

The Other McCain's Robert Stacy McCain and Smitty are monitoring and reporting on the insane and dangerously delusional world of Radical Feminism

The Other McCain:
Radical Feminism's Eternal Quest for the Great White Defendant
Hmmm (Hoge and Walker are on it, but can't we get this guy and Radical Feminists together--on a deserted island, with hungry komodo dragons and lots of snakes)
Great Comment!
Rachel Marie Stone some Margaret Sanger (a Smitty post) and Alpha Epsilon/BDT
Instapundit: Transmen hopping mad, Hillary has a track record of attacking other women and her lame excuses are catching up with herwhy male gamers must defend their territory, sexual assault policies backfiring on colleges, five harsh realities, and Boren and OU broke the law and Boren should lose his job.
This woman is a real victim, these women here (as reported by TOM), here and here are not.
TOM: Sickening Desires and Feminist Wonders: Defending Hillary
TOM: Fake #GamerGate Victims
Hot Air/MKH: Camille Paglia calling out Feminists and Hillary Clinton (they should be ashamed for what they did)

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