Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hillary Clinton's emails may be deleted but not gone…


  1. Of course they're not. a lot of them, no doubt, have revenge value, but the real issue is that the accounts were so poorly protected every worl-class hacker and every intel agency has some or all of them.

    You wanna see Willie and the Hildabeast grow real old real fast?

    Watch 'em waiting for shoes to drop.

  2. Subpoena all you like. You aren't getting anything. She will not deliver them for another year, then you will get a brand new dell server with ununsed drives in it. Then you will get, "what server"? Then, "are you still on that old witch hunt"? Then, "we fully complied with your request years ago, stop this foolishness". She is above the law and knows it. you aren't getting anything and you have no power to MAKE her give you anything. She learned this fromthe Nixon Prosecution. Don't ever hand over the tapes.


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