Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton separated at birth...with #ArkansasUnderwood Hillary's Press Conference Links

Kevin Williamson: Next!
The law does not really apply at the top — Lois Lerner and the rest of the criminals at the IRS aren’t going to jail, they’re cashing six-figure checks, with bonuses, for pity’s sake. When Obamacare hits the skids, the president just makes up new law as he goes along. Hillary Clinton runs amok with no real consequence. On the larger scale, the federal government spends a generation failing to enforce its immigration laws and, once the problem has become large enough, simply decides — presto-change-o! — that that which was a serious crime is retroactively hunky-dory.
Smitty: 55K actual pages? You're [redacted] me!
Instapundit: Clinton, Inc. is what is wrong with America

Saturday Night Live has obviously noticed the House of Cards resemblance too:

Cut and paste Hillary's hair on Dr. Evil...is there any difference?

Instapundit: Hillary tries to pretend she is pro women, Lanny Davis is there to clean up Clinton messes, it's Potemkim candidacy for Clinton all the way down, 18 questions for Hillary's press conference (what is she hiding), and voters see Hillary as old hat
AoSHQ: Hillary Considering A Press Conference (it's 1996 all over again)
Geek Wire: This Hillary email story matters and may be worse than you think
Smitty: Fremdschämen On Behalf Of Lanny Davis
TOM: Our Moral Superiors™ and Perhaps you've forgotten...

AoSHQ: Hillary Press Conference Lies
Legal Insurrection: #ArkansasUnderwood Hillary's Press Conference h/t Rick Wilson
Twitchy: If only Andrew Breitbart was here for this...
Instapundit: Hillary's story does not add up (lots of inconsistencies)
Lem's Place/Chicklit: Hillary Channels some Nixon!
Truth Revolt: Hillary Lies A Lot
Rush Limbaugh: Ms. Clinton stuck in the 90s and her [secret] server strategy

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