Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Why is Al-Sisi's Al-Azhar Speech for Reform of Islam Being Ignored? Update: Especially important given the Paris Terrorist Attacks today…

Instapundit and Michael Ledeen ask why al-Sisi's speech (this one too) are being spiked by the media?

Drudge has more on Paris Attacks More via Drudge
Obama White House unsure if attacks are terrorism….hmmm maybe workplace violence?

Instapundit: Why can't Muslim extremists use their words?  
Instapundit: Vox posts Charlie Hedbo Covers
Instapundit: Christopher Hitchens on today's Paris massacre
Regular Right Guy
Lem's Levity and Jonah Goldberg: Why is Al-Sisi being ignored in the West?
Instapundit: Jeffrey Goldberg: Europe is under siege…

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