Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hillary and Harry's Election Nightmare

TOM: GOP wins Senate majority
AoSHQ: MSNBC haz sadz and GOP wins Senate
Legal Insurrection: GOP wins Senate
Instapundit: GOP wins NC Senate, and Wendy Davis loses Texas women
AmPowBlog: GOP wins Senate, pads House
RRG: Harry begging for support?
Protein Wisdom: good advice
Reid out? 
Smitty: 100+ Female Reps thanks to the power of Rule 5 and
EBL: Joni Ernst Rule 5
Instapundit: Hard to see the good news for Hillary and Harry Reid's staffer blames Obama in hissyfit
Instapundit: Hooray the Wave, but now forget it and the Empire Strikes Back, Senate battles in 2016 (the GOP better start acting like an opposition party and doing things)
Republican Sullivan leads by 4 in Alaska, Democrat not conceding 
Instapundit: Loser!

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