Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bill Maher remains mendoucheous

As soon as there is any crime involving firearms, you can be sure the spin cycle will be set to agitate and the facts don't really matter any more when you can create a good headline. Which brings us to Ferguson and how that investigation is going.

Officer Darren Wilson is a murderer?  Really, nice adoption of prosecution, jury, and judge roll there Bill.  How about waiting for the evidence?  Especially when the evidence is increasingly supporting Officer Wilson's version of events.  

As far as Ferguson goes, we are getting snippets of evidence and both sides are trying to present their case, how about everyone wait for all the evidence to come in and then try to be objective.  And while I do believe the police handled the Michael Brown shooting poorly from the start, why isn't the media getting called out for prompting the riots in the first place?


  1. You're right, "murderer" was incorrect. He should've said "killer", which is not in dispute.

    I cut Maher slack on this. He managed to inform his idiot audience about Brown's immediately prior behavior w/o any pushback from Cornel West. All that was argued in the end was that Brown's actions didn't warrant being killed. While recognizing the "heat of the moment" aspect of the case, I tend to share that opinion.

    I also agree that the cops w/ the "I am Darren Wilson" bracelets are making a mistake. They're prejudging the case as much as the other side is.

    1. I appreciate that he gave some pushback about Michael Brown's pre shooting behavior, but murder was intentionally used by Maher regarding Wilson. Yes Wilson killed Brown, but if Brown was charging you and you had a gun, would you shoot him? And if you did would it be justified? That is the issue here, whether Wilson's shooting was justified or not.

      The evidence is strongly supporting it was justified, but I do not have all the evidence and recognize there is partisan arguments from various camps going on. So when Maher blithely calls Wilson a "murderer" it bothers me. (greatly) I can see Brown was acting thuggish just before the shooting. I was not there when Brown was shot, however, so I am not going to automatically assume his killing was justified. Without hearing the evidence and seeing the demeanor of the witnesses, it is impossible to make an informed decision.

    2. I think it'll be a difficult decision even after hearing all the evidence, bc justifiability will ultimately be a judgment call.

      If I were both an all-powerful judge and the police chief, I think right now that I'd rule "not guilty" and then fire Wilson from the PD, on the grounds that there probably isn't a case for manslaughter "beyond a reasonable doubt" but also that the officer has too low a threshold for believing that he has to kill to keep from being killed.

      Just my opinion, based on what I've read and reflected on.

  2. That Maher is acknowledging Brown's guilt, as well as his fight over Islam, may well indicate the Lefties, some of them, ever so slowly, are beginning to see a little light.



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