Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Is this the immigration reform the Barack Obama and the Democrats are backing?

Facebook's Green and Zuckerberg: Fire citizens and replace them with cheaper H-1B workers
This is some of the immigration reform being backed is all about:
Their first priority is to have cheap, immobile workers, where I remind you that here “cheap” implies young, in addition to often implying foreign. Yes, quality matters a lot–but only after the hiring pool has been narrowed by the filters of cheapness and immobility. (I’ve cited other factors now and then, including convenience of hiring, meaning being able to pick up the workers one wants at university campuses rather than casting a wide net.) 
Here’s a personal example. Some years ago I gave a talk in a public debate on H-1B, and after the talk a man came up to me, introducing himself as the CEO of a Silicon Valley firm. He said, “You’re wrong about our hiring H-1Bs as cheap labor. There really is a tech labor shortage, and my company is having real trouble finding software engineers.” I replied, “Well, my wife is a software engineer. I’ll have her apply for a position in your company, and we’ll see what happens. Her surname is different from mine, so you won’t know it’s her.” He immediately backtracked, protesting, “No, that’s not fair, she’s probably making too much money!” Indeed. Clearly this CEO had cheap labor as his first priority; quality didn’t even enter into the conversation.

The mystery of unilateral pre-midterm amnesty talk solved

h/t Bad Blue 

Fiction becomes fact? Call Bob Belvedere!


  1. Thanks for posting this, EBL. It goes nicely with a post I did a while back at Lem's here. In fact, I should re-title it "STEM Crisis In American Workforce Is Not Real."

  2. And OMG, I hate that Shmarmy face of Zuckerman so much...he's the whole reason I'm not on Facebook.

  3. Darrell Issa, a conservative hero, is another big supporter of the expanded H-1B visa program. This is why I won't be voting for him this fall.

    1. I would not mind the H-1B visa program being a way to recruit talent to become immigrants, recruiting young STEM professionals is something Canada, Australia and NZ do all the time. Selectively done to get the best and the brightest, why not?

      What Zuckerberg and his cronies want is a way to import docile wage slaves to undercut citizen workers. Then those same workers become illegals because they don't want to go home when their H-1B visas expire. It should be called the BS visa program.

      I like Issa, but a blanket expansion to appease some business interests is not in the best interest of the country.

    2. Issa is my congressman and I've voted for him several times. I too support most of what he does but not this issue. The thing is, neither party supports the interests of their "middle" constituents. The Democrats are beholden to the burgeoning underclass, and the Republicans to their overclass donors. The more it's talked about the better.

  4. Having worked in the IT world and seen everyone over 35 laid off at once I concur that the whole aim of this is to reduce labor costs and to hell with North American workers


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